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Available Animals in Logan's Run Rescue on 4/16/2011.

Pet Tango now provides LRR descriptions and this web page is no longer being updated. Dogs released after 4/16/11 have been removed form this page and no new animals have been added.

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For Adoptions and Potential Intakes, please contact our Intake and Adoption Coordinator Lynne Wilson at (828) 557-3461 or email her at hw28906@cabletvonline.net. The Adoption Application Form can be reached and downloaded as a word document and emailed to Lynne Wilson at the above email address. Please remember that LRR is not a Shelter. The person requesting input of an animal must generally agree to foster it.

To leave a message about adoptions, inputs, fostering, being a volunteer, etc to LRR, please Click Here

For corrections, contact Ron Stoessell at ronstoessell@gmail.com